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There's a fine line between genius and insanity.

I have erased this line.

11 November 1975

NOTICE: People under 18 may not need to read this journal because it sometimes contains adult material, including adult-oriented fiction and/or intimate details of my life that nobody really wants to know.

For the last few years this has been a reading journal. It's not anymore. I have found a new fandom home (again!), a fandom that seems to be on LJ moreso than anywhere else, and I want to read and write somewhere that it'll be read by more than me, dammit. LJ has new asshats-in-charge, and while I may not yet trust them, they are definitely better AIC than SixApart.

The changes convinced me to give it a try here again, and I have reluctantly ended up with this as my main journal again, though I still seldom post here. I'm usually busy all day and don't have a chance to read LJ until late at night, and by then I don't have the energy to put together a post too unless I have something I really need to say.

You can also find my journal posts at Dreamwidth or Insane Journal under the same username, saddle_tramp. I hope you will decide to give DW a try, the more the merrier over there, but be warned if you only post to DW that I seldom have time to read all my f-lists these days and LJ is taking precedence because it's where I find my fic fix. :-/

Everyone friended here is someone I don't want to lose track of, a community I enjoy, or an author whose fiction I adore. If I've friended you and you don't know me, then it's most likely because you write wonderful fic and I want to read more. ;-D

If you decide to friend me, rest assured I know how to use a cut tag and won't flood your f-list with a dozen posts a day. One post a month is unusual for me because I lurk. A lot. I don't usually comment very often even to my closest friends unless I feel like I have something useful to say, but if you're on my f-list then I do read your journal whenever I have time to. I just have always been the person who sat at the back of the room and listened, not one of the ones in the thick of things. It always boosts my ego a bit when someone friends me back, but I don't really expect it. I'm a bit boring, what with me spending most of my time busy and all. ;-D

I'm a slasher from way back and in the past I used to write Popslash (one badfic in particular is still kind of infamous, lol) and HP slash with the occasional fic in other fandoms. I still enjoy reading and writing slash and lurk around the edges of a few fandoms where I read a lot of fanfic, with random trips into any fandom I know the canon of. I commit fic occasionally, but I don't share my WIPs anymore unless they're stories that can easily stand alone in a 'verse. I learned that lesson the hard way, after some extremely harsh feedback from someone I trusted killed my spark not just for a story, but for a whole fandom. I later got a lot of good feedback on that same story that my supposed 'friend' ripped me apart for, but the damage was done and I never could finish it.

Fandoms I follow (read this as "watch the show and/or read at least one slashy pairing") include Hawaii Five-0, Marvel Avengers (movieverse and comics, though I learned 90% of the canon I know from fics), X-Men movieverse, Castle, Leverage, Supernatural (no longer watching, just reading a little fic), Glee (second verse, same as the previous, aka no longer watching), The Dresden Files, The Magnificent Seven, Jericho, and Jeremiah.

Currently I am writing fics mostly in the Avengers fandom, with random forays into any other fandom I enjoy thrown in when my muses insist on it, particularly Hawaii Five-0. ... And the way I'm going these days, more Avengers fic is likely in my future. *facepalms* I keep having dreams about them, and they aren't going away when I wake up. *grumbles*

Anyway! Offline I seldom have time to do much at all besides housework and take care of my dogs and my mom and cook meals for the family (I live with my elderly mom and my big brother and his wife), but I used to spend entirely too much time reading sci-fi, fantasy, apocalyptic, and queer fiction with the occasional embarrassing foray into mainstream fiction like the Arly Hanks mysteries (I swear I live in Maggody, it's just really in East Texas!) by Joan Hess. I'll read pretty much anything that sounds fun when I'm desperate, and have wandered through almost every genre over the years even though my favorites will always be humor, fantasy, and post apocalyptic speculative fiction.

I also enjoy watching cooking shows like The Pioneer Woman (I'm a self-taught cook and always glad to learn more!), Mantracker, Duck Dynasty, Swamp People, Body Of Proof, The Big Bang Theory, Holmes Inspection/Holmes on Holmes/American Handyman (Shut up, I love Mike!), and Raising Hope, though I never wander into their fandoms and often forget to watch them in first-run. (my DVR is my friend! ;-D) I sometimes let myself get sucked into watching Buffy reruns, Star Trek:TOS (I'm oldschool, though; none of the sequel series got my attention except the reboot, and I like it mostly because I can read the fic and see the original cast in my head. lol), Tour Of Duty, MacGyver, M*A*S*H, almost anything on Food Network (except Ina or Giada, both of which annoy me A LOT), Amazing Race, Biggest Loser (because I learn things, despite the drama-llama shenanigans), and the hardest TV to stop watching ever, Survivor. When I'm especially bored these days I can usually be found watching shows like Storage Wars because dumb is always funny, or Kitchen/Bathroom Crashers because it always amuses me to watch 'smart' people do stupid things with hand and/or power tools.

I also watch a lot of cheesy bang-bang-shoot'em-up movies, action/disaster movies, apocalyptic movies from the classic Mad Max right on up through 2012 and beyond, and I have a serious soft spot for Gene Autry and Roy Rogers westerns. Yes, the originals in black and white, most often in the wee hours of the morning when the only other thing on television is infomercials. Color is totally optional when the horses are smart and the cowboys are as cool as Gene and Roy. Just, y'know, the cowboys have to be cool or I'm out. Don't expect me to ever watch Audie Murphy 'cause I never did like him, and most John Wayne movies bore me to tears except for McLintock! and Hatari!. :-P

My music collection includes songs and albums from 3 Doors Down and Ziggy Marley with a little of almost everything in between, leaning heavily towards rock, folk, classic country, and lots of obscure artists it seems like no one else has ever heard of, but with random pop, rap, and country songs/artists I like mixed in despite the fact I hate all current radio stations I've listened to in the last ten years. I was on a rock kick the last few years (particularly stuff that was called alternative in the 90's or that has that kind of sound), and I've also spent way too much time in the recent past blasting pre-'80 classic rock because of the Dean Winchester that lives in my head, but that's all starting to backslide into an eclectic randomness that keeps me a little more level-headed and sane than the rock does. My mother (who is in her 70s) has picked up on the fact I only blast heavy metal when I'm so angry or depressed I don't want to hear myself think, so she's very glad I've finally managed to drag myself up out of the dark place I've been in for a while.

Right now I'm listening mostly to random faves from the last thirty years liberally interspersed with random Celtic songs I like, awesome covers I've wandered across, and whatever new music I heard that caught my ear. The current soundtrack for my life is often too loud, and it confuses people to be around me when I listen to it because it's very normal right now for my jukebox-slash-computer to play something like Needtobreathe's The Outsiders followed by Heather Alexander's March of Cambreadth, Jack Savoretti's Soldier's Eyes, Thea Gilmore's awesome cover of Bad Moon Rising, Jay Brannan's excellent Housewife (Look it up on Youtube. You don't even have to thank me! ;-D), and then Joni Bishop's Grandma's Garden, and that's if it's not on random. My taste is eclectic, yes, but it makes sense in my head and helps me stay up out of that dark hole I mentioned, which is all that matters to me.

Other than that, I'm really a very boring person with no 'real life' to speak of other than spending time with my dogs (Murphy, Bear, Cody, and Sassy) and my goats (Sheba and Guy), but I do have a wide range of interests, some of which are listed below. I write when the muses let me (Currently not much besides Avengers fics that won't let me actually finish them! *kicks things*), read more than is likely healthy, and collect ebooks, movies, and mp3s the way some people collect comic books. My eyes are bluey/green/hazel and my butt is bigger than anyone's has a right to be, and everything else is subject to change without notice.


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